Book Summary

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a 50-ft cat!

(Based entirely on a true story and real life events).


  When a young fisherman is betrayed, he suddenly finds himself on a nightmarish ride of his life with the odds stacked entirely against him! Can his faith endure the ultimate tests?

  Within the murky world of drug trafficking and dirty money, the stakes are extremely high, and those in power will go to great lengths to ensure that their “investments” arrive at their intended destinations!

  When fisherman Joseph Valentino is offered a job, he reluctantly accepts out of desperation to provide for his young family, and he gets more than he bargained for while attending to an inoperable vessel!

  Betrayed by his employer, he suddenly winds up incarcerated and in prison! The real adventure begins! With his fate in the hands of a deceitful confidential informant, Joseph’s life is suddenly turned upside down as his faith is put to unimaginable extreme tests! Meanwhile, he will rely on his faith and sense of humor to survive, but the odds are not in his favor! Can he persevere in the face of gross injustice?


  Come climb aboard and don’t forget to buckle up, as Author Gato Maya takes you on a fast paced non-stop roller-coaster ride through an obscure underworld filled with deceit, greed and dangerous drug dealers!

  Based entirely on a true story and real life events, fans of true-crime and action-packed adventure will enjoy this non-stop ‘nail-biting’ ride inside and through the underbelly of the illegal drug trade!

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